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Services and highlights:

Beef & Glory is a top destination for meat lovers, offering an unparalleled culinary experience in Vienna. Here are some key achievements and highlights:

Media Recognition and Reviews

Beef & Glory has received widespread acclaim and recognition in the culinary world. Some notable mentions include:


  • - Top10 Vienna: Highlighted as the best steakhouse in Vienna, Beef & Glory is noted for its transformation from a typical Viennese pub into a modern steakhouse that maintains historical charm. It was awarded the 24th best steakhouse in the world by N.Y. Strip Media House. (https://www.top10vienna.com/beef-glory-vienna)
  • - Gault&Millau: Featured for its exceptional quality and innovative offerings, including a unique collaboration with renowned Wagyu expert Moriyuki Higa during "The Rare Tour". The restaurant's dedication to high standards is evident through its premium selections like the Wagyu beef and XO Beef, combined with an excellent wine selection. (https://www.gaultmillau.at/restaurant/beef-glory)
  • - Gastro.News: Known for a diverse menu featuring top-quality cuts from around the world, Beef & Glory is praised for its superb service, exceptional culinary offerings, and an exquisite Sunday brunch. (https://www.gastro.news/restaurant/beef-glory-steakerei/)
  • - Falstaff: Recognized for high-quality steaks and an impressive wine list. The restaurant is noted for its 1000-degree Southbend broiler and in-house dry-aged meats. They offer a luxurious brunch with prosecco on Sundays. (https://www.falstaff.com/en/restaurants/beef-glory-steakerei-wien)
  • - Die Frühstückerinnen: Celebrated for its luxurious brunch, Beef & Glory offers a range of brunch dishes including eggs Benedict, steak sandwiches, and sweet treats like pancakes and lemon tart. Their brunch is known for its high-quality ingredients and elegant presentation. (https://www.diefruehstueckerinnen.at/wien/beef-and-glory/)


Additionally, you can explore more about Beef & Glory’s recent achievements and collaborations on Gault&Millau and through their coverage of "The Rare Tour"-Event


Further details and reviews can also be found on Gastro.News, Falstaff, Weekend.at, and "Die Frühstückerinnen".


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